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Vogue Spas & Bathrooms collection of Bathroom Basins, Bathroom Sinks & Handwash Basins is all about luxury, quality, and reliability. With hundreds of different Bathroom Basins to choose from Vogue Spas & Bathrooms has you covered. We only retail the best premium European and Australian basin brands, including Villeroy &...

Vogue Spas & Bathrooms collection of Bathroom Basins, Bathroom Sinks & Handwash Basins is all about luxury, quality, and reliability. With hundreds of different Bathroom Basins to choose from Vogue Spas & Bathrooms has you covered. We only retail the best premium European and Australian basin brands, including Villeroy & Boch, Duravit, DadoQuartz, Bette, Kohler, Perrin & Rowe, Victoria & Albert, Studio Bagno and more. We offer free pick up from our Gold Coast Shop or Australia-wide delivery.

Below we have pieced together some handy information to help you chose the right bathroom basin or handwash basin for your bathroom, ensuite or powder room. Please, if you have any questions about our range, please contact us and one of our friendly basin experts will be more than happy to assist you.

Design and functionality: How to choose the right Bathroom Basin.

When it comes to choosing the right bathroom basin for your home, there are several design and functionality factors you need to consider. It’s important to know the space you have in your bathroom and to understand the purpose of your bathroom basin. Some questions you can ask is primarily for decorative purposes or do you have practical need for it? If you have family than more than likely, it’s the latter. In this case you maybe looking for a basin with more size & functionality.

Next, think about what material you want your basin to be made from. Different materials such as ceramic, stone and glass can bring a unique look and feel to any bathroom space. Consider if you need the material of your basin to match other fixtures in the bathroom or create a contrast with them. Also consider your price point, as stone basins and glass basins will generally cost significantly more than ceramic basins.

Lastly, look out for features in the design of a bathroom basin that may be useful for you. Many modern basins are available in unique finishes like matte & gloss or colours like white, black & gunmetal. These finishes and colours will add an interesting touch to any bathroom. You may also find features like an integrated overflow system, tap holes or extra shelving helpful depending on what type of basin you choose.

By taking all these factors into account when choosing a bathroom basin, you can ensure that you pick one that meets both your design requirements and functional needs. Additionally, by keeping up with regular cleaning routines and following some basic care instructions, you can keep your new bathroom basin looking like new!

Available Materials and Finishes for Bathroom Basins.

When it comes to bathroom basins, there are several materials and finishes available in Australia. Ceramic is a popular choice for bathroom basins due to its price point, durability, and ease of maintenance. Stone is another great option due to its durability, with natural marble offering a unique look and feel. Quartz is a relatively new material that is becoming a very popular choice because of its resistance to staining and fading. Glass is probably the least popular, however stylish finishes from glass bathroom basins provide an elegant touch to any space.

In terms of finishes, gloss is one of the most common options for bathroom basins in Australia. It offers an attractive shine that can give any space a modern look. Matte finishes are also becoming increasingly popular. These provide a more subtle appearance that still looks beautiful. Glazes are another option available, adding texture and depth to your chosen basin by creating unique patterns in the surface finish. Finally, enamel is another type of finish that creates a glossy coating over porcelain or ceramic surfaces, giving them an extra layer of protection against scratches or chips while giving them an attractive look.

When choosing between different materials and finishes for your bathroom basin it's important to consider brands as well as quality of product offered. Top-brand bathroom basins from manufactures such as Villeroy & Boch, DadoQuartz, Perrin & Rowe and Victoria & Albert come with generous warranties so you can have peace of mind knowing your new basin will last you many years into the future.

Types of Bathroom Basins and their Advantages.

When it comes to bathroom basins, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Different types of basins are available to suit different needs and preferences. In this section, we’ll explore the various types of bathroom basins available in Australia, from undermount to wall-mounted, and the advantages of each.

Undermount Basins: Undermount basins provide a sleek, modern look with a seamless transition from countertop to sink. These basins are installed beneath the countertop, which makes them easy to clean and maintain. They also have the added advantage of saving space since they don’t take up any extra room on the countertop.

Above Counter Basins: Above counter basins are ideal for those who want to make a statement in their bathroom. These can be integrated into larger vanity units or hung as standalone pieces for an eye-catching look. Above counter basins come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you’re sure to find one that suits your style and design requirements.

Freestanding Basins: Freestanding Basins (also referred to as Pedestal basins) offer a classic, elegant look with timeless appeal. The pedestal base provides extra legroom in small bathrooms while also allowing more space for storage underneath if needed. Freestanding basins come in many shapes and sizes and can be matched with other accessories such as taps for a complete look.

Wall Hung Basins: Wall hung basins are great for saving space and making the most of wall space when floor area is limited or unavailable. Wall hung basins come in many styles – from ceramic bowls to stainless steel designs – allowing you to choose one that complements your overall design scheme perfectly.

No matter which type of basin you choose, regularly cleaning it will help keep it looking like new over time. Using mild detergents or specialized bathroom cleaners can help prevent staining caused by hard water deposits or soap build up on surfaces over time - just make sure you follow manufacturer instructions carefully! One final tip when choosing your basin is always opt for top-brands as these usually come with warranties and guarantees - giving you peace of mind that your purchase is backed by quality materials and craftsmanship!

Top Brands of Bathroom Basins in Australia

Australian homeowners have a wealth of options when it comes to finding the perfect bathroom basin. Top brands such as Villeroy & Boch, DadoQuartz, Parisi, Duravit and Perrin & Rowe offer superior quality, finish, design, and warranty protection for added peace of mind.

To preserve your basin's look and longevity, it's important to perform regular cleaning with mild soap and warm water or specialised cleaners designed for bathroom fixtures. For ceramic and stone basins be sure to use mats or coasters under any bottles placed on top of the sink—this will help prevent scratches from occurring on its surface.

When you choose one of Australia’s top-brand bathroom basins, you are ensuring your purchase has been backed by quality assurance standards that guarantee long-lasting durability with proper care and maintenance.