Located on the Gold Coast, Vogue Spas & Bathrooms retails a luxury range of the Best Tapware in Australia. We only retail premium European & Australian made tapware from the world's leading brands. Brands like Brodware, Faucet Strommen, Perrin & Rowe, Zuchetti, Hangrohe, Villeroy & Boch and more. We offer...

Located on the Gold Coast, Vogue Spas & Bathrooms retails a luxury range of the Best Tapware in Australia. We only retail premium European & Australian made tapware from the world's leading brands. Brands like Brodware, Faucet Strommen, Perrin & Rowe, Zuchetti, Hangrohe, Villeroy & Boch and more.

We offer Australia wide delivery on all or tapware or pick up from our Gold Coast warehouse. Choosing the right tapware is not an easy proposition especially with so many brands and styles available. In our opinion, installing the right tapware first up is a must. Even if it is slightly more expensive, you will definitely save in the long run. Especially on replacement costs which include replacement tapware and plumbing costs.

Below we have pieced some expert information below will help you find the perfect tapware for your home.

What are the Australian Compliance Standards for tapware?

Australian compliance standards are generally the highest in the western world. Australian standards state that it is permitted to have small amounts of lead in the internal components (where the water passes through) of tapware.

In 2022 the National Construction Code (NCC) set a new limit for the allowable level of lead in plumbing products used for drinking water. This limit comes into effect from 1st of May 2026, and copper alloy plumbing products containing more than 0.25% lead will no longer be authorised for installation in a plumbing system used to convey drinking water. All tapware associated with drinking water will be marked with the Lead Free WaterMark certification trademark.

So what does this mean up until 2026? Well tapware containing more than 0.25% can still be sold and installed, but must meet the current Watermark Certification Scheme.

Why is lead-free tapware important?

This is not meant to scare people, however its worthwhile being educated somewhat on the reasons why lead-free tapware is so important. The number 1 reason is for your health. Studies have found that high levels of lead in tap water can cause health effects if the lead in the water enters the blood and causes high blood lead level. It can cause damage to the brain and kidneys, and can interfere with the production of red blood cells that carry oxygen to all parts of the body.

In an article posted on NewScientist they found on a large scale test of homes across NSW that 56% of samples had Low-level lead contamination. The contamination was exceeding the daily limit set by Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

In a subsequent experiment, the researchers tested water before and after it passed through brass taps, which contain small amounts of lead, and lead-free stainless steel taps. Lead was only found in water that had passed through brass ones.

What is the Best Quality Tapware in Australia?

So leading in from why lead-free tapware is so important, there is no guesses to what the best quality tapware is. Yep. You guessed it, tapware made from lead-free brass. Not just internal components that are exposed to water, but external components like levers and handles. Any other alloy (with the exception of outdoor tapware made from marine grade stainless steel) then we recommend avoiding.

Here at Vogue we have had access to and seen a lot of branded tapware and non-branded tapware over the years. Without any doubt, we know that the best quality tapware, is tapware that is manufactured in Australia from Australian mined materials. Anything else and we find it really hard to sell to our customers. This is purely for ethical reasons. The quality, craftsmanship, design and durability is just so for superior to tapware manufactured in China and some parts of Europe. Additionally, if something goes wrong with Australian made tapware (which is rare) it’s extremely easy and fast to get fixed.

Why is Australian Made Tapware Superior?

When you analyze the Australian climate, the majority of households are exposed to salty air from the ocean or a sub-tropical (humid) weather. These conditions effect many products made from alloys including tapware. The salty air can cause brass to tarnish and humidity can cause PVD finishes to peal. Additionally, in Australia we have some of the harshest drinking water in the world which does wear away at the internal components of tapware.

When taking the above into consideration, it makes sense that Australian made tapware is manufactured for Australian conditions. Tapware made in China and Europe focuses on a less harsh climate (where humidity and salty air is not an issue) and where water quality is better. The manufacturers can get away with using a less quality brass and PVD because Australia is not one of their main markets. This means their tapware won’t last as long in Australian households.

This is why we find it really hard to recommend non-Australian made tapware.

What Tapware is made in Australia?

Did you know there are only 4 brands of Tapware that are made in Australia? These are Brodware, Faucet Strommen, Sussex and Astra Walker. Whilst all have very similar processes and quality, we focus on Brodware and Faucet Strommen. This is because they have larger indoor ranges and better availability. So let’s dive into these 2 brands.

Brodware: Since 1964, Brodware have been Australia’s leading manufacturer of Australian made tapware. Their tapware is backed by 20 year warranties and given they have been around for 5 decades, you can safely assume that if something goes wrong in the next 20 years, then you can get it replaced. They use Australian mined brass that is already compliant for the NCC 2026 changes and their catalogue is enormous. They have classic, contemporary and modern collections that can be made in 20+ finishes. Taking the Australian climate into consideration, their InFinium PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) finishes are resistant to tarnishing, abrasion, corrosion, UV radiation and dis-colouration.

Faucet Strommen: Since 1999, Faucet Strommen have been one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of tapware and bathroom accessories. They are very similar to Brodware in terms of their types of collections, but there are a few subtleties that just blow every other tapware brand in the country out of the water! This includes a 40-year warranty and their brass is 100% completely lead-free. They are the only manufacturer in Australia and 1 of the only manufacturers in the world to do so. Moving onto their finishes, which are another massive benefit. They use a finish called Zirnium DMF. This is cutting edge engineering which involves the finish being infused into the base & top layer of chrome which helps seal the brass. This finish is so hard and tough, and created with such robust processes, that it is almost impossible to scratch, displaying attributes that cannot be compared with traditional finishes.

What is PVD and Chrome Tapware?

Another question we get asked a lot is what is the difference between PVD and chrome tapware. This question is often asked as customers are weighing up the lifespan / durability of a PVD finish vs the standard chrome. Here is a quick explanation of both:

Chrome Tapware: Chrome tapware is basically a thin layer of Chromium plating that is applied to the nickel layer that seals the brass. Essentially the second layer of the tapware. It seals in the nickel and has a silver tone finish. This is the most common and standard type of finish.

PVD Tapware: PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition coating) tapware is a basically a thin special layer that is applied to the chrome layer in order to change the colour of the tapware. It’s important to note that there are different qualities of PVD. From our experience, again it’s the Australian and European manufactures that lead the way in PVD coating.

Does Black Tapware last?

The second most popular finish of tapware (outside of chrome) is black or matte black. That leads to another question we get asked a lot, and that is, does black tapware last? When we get asked this question, we take our customers directly to our Faucet Strommen display. The reason being (if you refer to the above) Faucet Strommen use a finish called Zirnium DMF. This is just far superior to any other tapware finish in Australia. Does it last? 100%. Its backed by a 40-year warranty so you can be sure it lasts!

The alternate can’t be said for cheaper tapware brands. Despite the advice some retailers will give you, its without doubt they use a cheaper black PVD coating. Its why they can offer cheaper prices. These finishes just don’t stand the test of time in the Australian climate. The salty air and humidity will ultimately subject the tapware to pitting. A term used to describe when the coating starts to form little lumps or becomes uneven.

That brings a conclusion to our advice. Above all if you do need any help choosing the right tapware for your project, please do contact us as we would love to help build your dream home.